Helite GP Air Track Vest (Mechanical Trigger)


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The GP Air is a tethered airbag vest specially designed for the race track. Ideal for motorcyclists who want to combine convenience and optimal protection.

With its tight and aerodynamic fit and a space left for the suit’s hump, it fits easily over all motorcycle leather suits offering a great freedom of movement.

The airbag vest offers a big protection volume and is equipped with a mechanical system ready to use and easy to reuse. Thanks to its ultra-fast inflation (100 ms), it ensures optimal protection of vital areas: cervical, back, pelvis, sacrum and thorax, before ground impact. It is also provided with removable leather sliders in the back for better protection.

The elastic materials allow a comfortable fit on the sides and at the level of the neck and shoulders.

Even with gloves, the vest is easy to open thanks to the velcro.

It is sold ready to use with 1 gas cartridge, 1 motorcycle lanyard, 1 Allen key and 1 user guide.




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