Helite E-Turtle 2 Airbag Vest (Electronic Trigger)


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The e-Turtle is a wireless airbag vest that analyzes the situation in real time and detects falls at 360°. The set of on-board sensors cover a wide range of accidents at low speed (from 18 km/h) and at any angle of impact.

Ideal for motorcyclists who want to combine technology, comfort and optimal protection. It easily fits over all motorcycle jackets offering great freedom of movement and comfort thanks to its ergonomic cut, its 3 adjustment straps and its soft neoprene collar.

The airbag vest offers a big protection volume and is equipped with a 100% autonomous electronic system that is ready to use and easy to reuse. Thanks to its ultra-fast inflation (80 ms), it ensures optimal protection of vital areas: cervical, back, pelvis, sacrum and thorax before ground impact.

Designed for the road, the airbag vest is provided with retro-reflective strips offering high visibility day and night and also in bad weather.

Even with gloves, the vest is easy to open and close thanks to its resistant clips. Small objects can be put in the exterior pocket.

It is sold ready to use with 1 e-cartridge, 1 USB cable for charging and 1 user guide.


Men / Women

TURTLE technology with SAS-TEC level 2 back protector

Big protection volume: between 17L and 28L depending on the airbag size

Autonomy: 25h hours (USB charging)

Aeration: Interior textile 3D mesh.

Weight 4.40925 lbs



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